California Adventure | My Very First Time

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hat was supposed to be a simple afternoon at Downtown Disney quickly escalated into so much more than I ever thought.  My proud-Disney-season-pass-holding friend Alan informed me that Downtown Disney was not our destination.  He informed me that we were actually going to California Adventure!

The machine lifted us up in the air and into the dome theatre.  Suddenly we were hang gliding over the mountains of California.  The smell of pine needles and Redwood breezing past me.

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lan and I had an absolute blast at California Adventure.  We screamed our lungs out on California Screamin’ which we rode about 3 times.  We raced each other down the tracks on the cars ride too.  But by far my favorite rides was Soarin’ Over California.  It has everything an immersive virtual reality lover could want!  Overall it was truly an unforgettable fist experience and I owe it all to the generosity of a really awesome dude!

Thanks again Alan!

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