New York City | A Love Story

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or 25 years I lived in Kansas.  Apart from 7 months living in the Netherlands, the simple midwest life was all that I had ever known.  That was until I decided to leave all that, pack my suitcase and my iMac and book a flight to New York.  I had never visited the city nor did I have any contacts there.  I was truly on my own, in a strange place, for the first time. It felt truly exhilarating.

Living in New York was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  That city is not for everyone.  She can be ruthless!  But if you take the time to understand her you can’t help but fall in love.

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his is a true love story about a young man from the Midwest and the big city he fell in love with.  Living in Manhattan was one of the most challenging, rewarding, heartbreaking and inspiring times of my life.  Sadly most of my photos and videos of my time living in New York were damaged.  This is the only footage remaining of that time.  The rest I affectionately hold in my memories.

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