Halloween 2015 at The Old LA Zoo

Griffith Park was hauntingly empty as my friends, who were visiting from the Bay, and I headed toward the old abandoned LA Zoo.  Although it was our intention to simply take some pictures in the empty animal cages, we were in for a big surprise! It was becoming more and more obvious to us as we crept up the hill that death had already visited the Old Zoo.

A real life ghost!!? Or just more Hollywood effects?  Either way Chad doesn’t seem too bothered by the commotion.

Looks like Rohe found another kind of spirits.

What costume? Yours truly captured by the talented Rohe Menesses.

This birthday girl was all smiles at the freaky zoo.  She ain’t afraid of no ghosts!

She hung there, dangling in bright yellow autumn sun.  Her corpse was covered in her own splattered blood.  This horrifying vision mystified me.  Why are we so fascinated with death?  Death is supposed to make us scared or sad.  Not bring us a morbid sense of delight.  Yet we love toying with this process of life in horror and action movies and we especially celebrate death during Halloween.

I can only conclude we as people are naturally inclined to positively deal with death.  Perhaps the degree of fear depends on your beliefs on what happens after death.  I believe it is this that frightens people rather than the act of death itself.  Whatever you believe, Halloween literally brings death to your doorstep.  When confronted with it, in an ironic way it reminds us to be grateful for the gift of being alive.

It was another great Halloween spent with amazing people for me!  Hope yours was Spooktacular!

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