BCBG Photoshoot

2015 Fall Runway Ad Campaign

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About This Project

What I Did:

  • Construction
  • Set Design
  • Prop Assistant
  • Lighting Assistant


It’s hard to believe that this fall colored, birch tree forest was actually constructed in the back lot of a warehouse.  This 5 day project consisted of two days of construction, one day for pre-lighting, a day for the actual photoshoot and  our last day was spent deconstructing and cleaning.  Over 100 birch trees of varying sizes were delivered along with several cottonwood trunks to create the forest.

To make the forest floor appear more authentic we layered green grass sod, dried oak and colored maple leaves, some scattered dirt and accented with faux moss.  We created a “pathway” to provide a few options for the photographer and models.  This set was a great lesson in creativity.  The fact that we were able to turn a dull parking lot into a serene woodland in only 2 days still amazes me.

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