BCBG Photoshoot

Endless Summer

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About This Project

What I Did:

  • Prop Assistant
  • Lighting Assistant


It was 5 am when we arrived at Will Rogers Beach to begin shooting “Endless Summer”.  The sun was just coming over the horizon as we began unloading our props including 2 faux coconut tree trunks, wooden planked boardwalks, surf boards and beach carts.  As soon as the sun was up we began shooting.  The photographer made sure to take full advantage of lighting for each part of the day.

We could all feel that afternoon, beach heat setting in when we teamed up to bring down the heavy coconut trees.  It’s a good thing we brought plenty of bottled water.  By sunset all the props had been used.  After we packed up the U-Haul, the whole team was lucky enough to finish the day with a breathtaking sunset.  It was a busy day with a payout the made the work so worth it.

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