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Jeff Spiess is a great example of a small business owner who had no web presence and was in need of a simple website.  Spiess Carpet Cleaning had (and still maintains) an A+ rating on Angie’s List along with the phenomenal reviews on Yelp.  Despite all that positivity, at the time,  Jeff Spiess didn’t have a central web location to send his customers.

I provided my freelance services at Queen Bee Media to assist with this project. We collaborated with Jeff to create an updated, user-friendly website.  Along with new web graphics, homepage sliders and a vectorized logo, Spiess had everything it needed for a successful web launch. The results were great!  Now Spiess Carpet Cleaning is online.  The customer can now schedule an appointment with an instant message through the website. By providing dimensions and details of the job, the customer can also receive an accurate price quote.

The blog on Spiess’ website provides informational articles and awesome tips on carpet cleaning.  Maintaining an updated blog keeps Spiess SEO optimized, giving him a direct advantage over other local carpet cleaners.  Jeff Spiess is a great partner at Queen Bee Media.  Meeting the challenges of this website was a fun and pleasant process.

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Spiess Carpet Cleaning
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