BCBG Photoshoot

Street Style

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About This Project

What I Did:

  • Prop Assistant


Golden Oak Ranch was the set of “Street Style”.  Although the studio portrayed various generic American style cities, for this shoot we focused on the “New York” themed set.  Most of the pre-shoot was devoted to cleaning windows and the street gutters.  After the set preparation we began dressing the streets, sidewalks and gutters with autumn colored oak and maple leaves.  Some shots also required wind-fan blown leaves as well.

Larger props were also used.  A classic convertible, a long haired dog, even a motorcycle were used on this set.  A huge water truck was also brought in to achieve the wet street look.  In a last minute scramble, a co-worker of mine and I were asked to achieve a used/rusted finish to the brand new trash bins we purchased the day prior.  Some dirt, water, barehands and a little hammering was all it took to make those brand new bins look like old school street bins. It almost felt like a movie watching all the elements come together just for a few hours to tell a story.

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